The Melton Family | Growing Through Giving

Giving Guidelines

The Melton Foundation provides capital, operational and program funding for Alberta-based organizations geared to supporting:

      • Children and youth (specifically related to education and wellbeing)
      • Community services (specifically related to physical and emotional health of populations)
      • Special needs groups and projects
      • Religious organizations (primarily Catholic)

All requests, and especially any that fall outside of these giving criteria, are evaluated and decided on by the board of directors annually, in the fall.  Donation requests with sensitive timelines may also be reviewed as needed if there is alignment with the Foundation’s focus areas.

Charities are required to provide reports / updates, which are communicated to the board and may impact future donations.

How to Apply

Please submit donation requests by September 30th of each year for consideration. Please include the following information to support your request:

  • Name of organization
  • Description of organization
  • Type of project
  • Contact person
  • How your request meets our Guidelines for Giving
  • Amount requested

Requests are accepted via mail, fax and email. Contact details are located in the footer.

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