The Melton Family | Growing Through Giving

The Melton Foundation is committed to serving the charitable needs of the community in an efficient, informed, and compassionate manner.

The Melton Foundation supports those who not only need a hand out, but also a hand up. The Foundation has a mandate to act philanthropically, by giving locally (within Alberta) to help build and maintain strong, healthy and sustainable communities.

The Melton Foundation was created to give tangible expression to the philanthropic beliefs of the founders, Stan and Peggy Melton. These same beliefs continue to bind the Melton families together. Good fortune is not a promise, and through giving and sacrifice, our collective lives are enriched.


This is the legacy that moves the Melton family forward, together.

  • The Melton Foundation supports not just by giving a hand out, but also a hand up.


The Melton Foundation provides capital, operational and program funding for:

Children & Youth

Specifically related to education and well-being.

Community Services

Specifically related to the physical and emotional health of specific populations.

Alberta Organizations

Out of province requests reviewed at discretion of board.

Special Needs

Groups and projects supporting special needs of specific populations.


The Melton Foundation is governed by a multi-generation family board of directors.  Meet our board:
Teresa Melton

Teresa Melton

Managing Director
Mary Beth Jankovic

Mary Beth Jankovic

Tim Melton

Tim Melton

Chairman Emeritus
Kavan Melton

Kavan Melton

Jenny Muddle

Jenny Muddle

Curtis Melton

Curtis Melton

Marhea Liboiron

Marhea Liboiron


Some of the many charities we support:

Charities Supported

  • Big Brothers & Big Sisters
  • Boys & Girls Club
  • iHuman
  • Junior Achievement
  • Kids Sport Calgary
  • Kids Sport Edmonton
  • Strong Kids YMCA Calgary
  • Strong Kids YMCA Edmonton
  • Uschool - University of Alberta
  • Wood's Home Calgary
  • YESS
  • Bissel Centre
  • Calgary Food Bank
  • Edmonton Food Bank
  • Vecova
  • YMCA Collective Kitchen
  • Sign of Hope - Edmonton Catholic Social Services
  • St. Joseph / Newman College
  • Valour Place
  • Catholic Archdiocese

Melton Foundation Values

Doing our part and our best in the community
Doing unto others as you would have done unto you
Giving a hand out, but recognizing that giving a hand up is just as important in the long term
Compassion and generosity
Individual responsibility
Religion and religious organizations
Supporting children and youth that are at risk and vulnerable
Growing together as a family and spiritually as individuals through the act of giving


Our hands on approach to serving our community turns giving into a family activity that brings us closer together.

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